About Us



TOMFAK Technologies commenced operations fully in the year 2011 as a Limited Liability Company incorporated to providing branding and total printing solutions, including cutting-edge technology and related services to meeting the needs of every desired client in all sectors of the economy.

In achieving these objectives over the years, TOMFAK Technologies has become an independent and recognized industry player in providing renewable energy power solutions for the Telecoms sector; executing branding and digital printing; and serving as Manufacturers’ Representative in procurement and supplies projects.

Our trusted experience in Power Technology has made us to be a preferred company in the deployment of Power Solutions to Base Stations of Telecommunication companies, offices and homes across the country. This function ranges from generator installation, to grid connection and provision of renewable energy alternatives to those locations.

We delight in projecting the image of our clients through excellent branding concepts and production of office signages that gives a pictorial sense of their values. In addition to the above, we also act as manufacturer’s representative in the procurement and supplies of everything that will aid the operational efficiency of our clients, either hardware or software.

We have carved a niche for ourselves in these areas and we will continue to provide excellent services to our numerous clients. Taking big ticket transactions is never an issue to us because our physical assets are verifiable, as well as our balance sheet size. Our client base is widespread across economic sectors, and they include corporate organizations, government agencies, tertiary institutions, as well as high net worth individuals.


We have come to realize that the most important market needs are knowledge, reliability, pricing, speed of delivery and high quality. Our strategy is to focus on those dimension of activities and processes that will make us to deliver on them and work with decision making individuals in every organisation that know and understand these needs.

In addition to the above, we keep close monitoring on our service quality; reputation; and production time which are equally relevant factors that affect the final decision of project Managers.

Our focus is largely on such businesses that accept our offerings to creating value for their businesses while enhancing growth in our operations. With this in mind, we keep exploring opportunities for organic growth within the ecosystem. We have thus chosen this group because they usually rely on the expertise and knowledge of the vendor they can trust.

So also, we are constantly improving on our social media presence and increase our reach in order to take advantage of online patronages.

Vision Statement

To be recognized as the benchmark of outstanding service in the digital printing and providing renewable energy power solutions for the Telecoms sector in Nigeria and the rest of Africa, delivering sustainable profits to the owners and providing sizeable employment.

Mission Statement

TOMFAK is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services possible to our customers; focusing on their needs, and to earn their trust in a timely fashion and at competitive prices.

Our Strength

Our driving force over the years has been the astounding knowledge we exhibit in bringing quality innovative offerings to our various customers and our ability to retain their patronage. We pride ourselves with our investment in people, Superior Customer Service, Strategic Alliances, Professionalism, Business Integrity and the fear of God.

Key Success Factor

Our key success factor over the years has been in maintaining loyal customers, excellent customer relationship and service delivery; prudent cash planning and stable management.

Our Core Values

These are the values which guide our day-to-day operations and the way we relate with our customers. These include:


We focus on our jobs with all vigour and put everything inside of us into it. We do not allow environmental circumstances to discourage us inachieving our corporate objectives. We apply a sense of urgency to our work and disallow procrastination.


We work smart and don’t dissipate energy unnecessarily on non-productive ventures. We operate within our circle of influence, and never leave any task


We develop high standards of ethics and technical skills. We study trends and adapt our business to conform to norm rather than compromise. We separate official jobs from private interests.


We never make a promise we don’t intend to keep or take up a job we are not competent to handle. We exhibit honesty and faithfulness in all our dealings and everything that is committed into our hands.


We do what is needed to be done as demanded, even when it is not as convenient.

We attend to issues with utmost seriousness and dexterity.

Possibility Mentality

We believe that our faith in God will make all things possible and achievable for us. We are bold and assertive, willing to take well calculated risks.

Our Unique Selling Proposition


Print on-demand

Quick Short-runs

Duplex Printing Methodology

Excellent Picture and Prints Quality

Machine Flexibility

Identification Card Printing on State-of-the-art Machine

Digital Storage of Jobs in print-ready format

Converting Physical Archives to Digital Platform

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Large Format Printing

  • Print on flex and solite materials for back-drop, out-door & roll-up banners.
  • It comes on various range of sizes

Equipment Maintenance

  • We carry out routine upkeep and corrective repair work, including part replacement and servicing on IT equipment, digital printing machines and copiers
  • Help to extend the equipment’s working life
  • Assists to avoid equipment’s breakdown and operational downtime

Electronic Document Management

  • We provide a way to centrally store a large volume of digital documents and easy retrieval
  • Backlog scanning of existing physical documents, digitisation and e-archiving;
  • Confidential shredding of sensitive physical documents.

Procurement and Supplies

  • Acting as manufacturer’s representative
  • Sourcing and supply of operational items, equipment and production materials
  • Materials and resources outsourcing

Office Signages/Award Plaques

  • Here we handle creation and production of directional/locational signs on acrylic materials, tempest glass, gold and silver plates, plaques, etc.
  • Production and installation of outdoor signs
  • Engraving and production of corporate award plaques.


  • Conceptualising and projecting the image of companies
  • Corporate/individual branding of t-shirts, caps, mugs, pens, notepads, towels, etc.
  • Production of corporate gift items

Direct Image Digital Printing and Press

  • Print-on-demand (start to finishing), in any desired quantity
  • Creation of visual concepts, development and print production
  • Engenders faster turn-around time, shorter run length, more colourful pages and variable contents.